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We will be using as our uniform retailer for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons. 

The team coach/manager will assign your jersey number, input your name into the rostering system.

Login to your account then visit our club shop page: and you will see a drop down menu with the team names, select your team, then select your childs name, you will see their number along side the name, make sure that is correct before you order anything.

All Players Order the Following MANDATORY Items
Red Adidas Tabela 18 Jersey (Game jersey)
White Adidas Tabela 18 Jersey (Alternate game jersey & training jersey)
Red Adidas Short (Game & training shorts)
Red Adidas Sock (Game & training socks)
Adidas Stadium Team Backpack or the Alliance II SackPack
Adidas Condivo 18 training 1/4 Zip hoodie
Optional Training Items
Adidas Condivo 18 training pant.
Adidas Core Stadium Jacket.
Anything from the fan wear sections.

Goalkeeper Kit
Green/Grey GK Jersey
Red Adidas Short
Red Adidas Socks
White Adidas Tabela 18 Training Jersey
Adidas Condivo 18 training 1/4 Zip hoodie
Adidas Stadium Team Backpack or the Alliance II SackPack

If you have any questions email John Thompson -

Our club store also has Fan Wear available to buy in the following sections. 

Players Equipment (SJEB Adidas Soccer Balls) 
SJEB T-shirts & polos
SJEB hoodies
SJEB cold weather gear


South Jersey Elite Barons Uniform

  • Whenever a South Jersey Elite Barons player is in uniform, she/he is representing the Club and should wear their uniform properly and with pride. Each team must have a home jersey and an away jersey as dictated by Club colors. 
  • Please read and abide by the following guidelines:
  • Bring all uniform equipment to every game including all uniform shirts, shorts, socks, shoes (cleats and turf depending on conditions), warm-up shirts, warm-up suits and tape.
  • Sliding pants should be the same color as the shorts, not extend below the uniform shorts and not be visible.
  • Players should be dressed alike during team warm-ups before games.
  • Uniform socks will be pulled up whenever you have them on. Shin guards must always be covered by socks.
  • Arrive at games looking professional (i.e. Team Warm-Up Suit, Team Warm-Up Shirt).  No Baseball Caps !!! ‚Ä®Have your equipment bag with you at all practices and games. Put bags carefully in a row on the sidelines at all games. Keep bags in a proper team location at practice.
  • Bring your water bottle with you to all practices and games. At games, place your water bottle behind your bag when not in use. To prevent passing on illnesses to teammates, do not share water bottles !!!
  • Use saddle soap or leather protector on your shoes before every game; in other words, shine and take care of your shoes. They are your tools of the trade !!
  • Bring your properly inflated soccer ball to every practice and game.
  • Leave your rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, other jewelry and hairpins (except for rubber bands or other elastic bands) at home or in your equipment bags.