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Futsal Academy

    What is Futsal?
    Futsal is FIFA’s official indoor soccer game which is, essentially, a scaled down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a small sided game (5v5) played on a smaller field (roughly basketball court sized) with a smaller (size 3-4) ball. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries.

    There are no walls in play. This is the game that outdoor soccer players around the globe play when they are indoors to refine and maintain their control skills and touch. 

    Futsal is the only "Official form of Indoor Soccer" as approved by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association FIFA. It is played in all the continents of the world by over 100 countries with 12 million players. Futsal is normally played on a gymnasium floor, although it can be played on a variety of surfaces. The game does not require the use of expensive dasher boards, as do other versions of indoor soccer, therefore making it a very economical and safe sport.

    Great soccer superstars such as Pele, Zico, Robinho, Socrates, Ronaldo & Ronaldinho grew up playing the game and credit Futsal with developing their skills. Futsal is played with a special low bounce ball, necessitating players to use their ball striking skills, rather than the ball’s bounce, to propel it.

    About South Jersey Elite Futsal Academy (SJEFA)
    Our objective is to provide individual players with the essential skills and fundamentals to compete in the game of Futsal. The game of Futsal will help the kids develop better foot skills and help them make faster decisions with the ball. SJ Elite Futsal Academy (SJEFA) has a highly experienced and qualified staff to teach the game at a high level. SJEFA will offer various different programs geared towards the travel, intramural and recreational levels for girls and boys ages from 6yrs to 18yrs. Our Winter Academy Teams are looking for players who are eager to learn and compete on a competitive level to be trained and coached throughout a 10 week period. Our ultimate goal is to help kids become better players within the game of Futsal to enhance their outdoor game.

    SJEFA Staff:
    Don D’Ambra – Director

    Former member of the US Men’s National Futsal Team
    Participated in CONCACAF Tournament in Costa Rica to secure a berth to the Futsal World Championship in 2003.
    Participated in CONCACAF qualifying Gold Cup Tournament and was awarded the “Golden Boot Award” for player with most goals.
    Member of the Charm City Futsal team who won the Men’s National Futsal Championship at the USFF National Championships held in Baltimore, MD.
    Founder of South Jersey & Philadelphia Super F Leagues.

    Steve Wacker (Professional player for 5 years, Coaches Futsal to Youth players for 8 years) 
    Pat Morris (Member of US Men’s National Futsal team)

    Rich Owens