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Player Homework

Juggling is an important part of any players training at the younger age, spending time with the ball builds confidence, a great first touch, rhythm, balance, control, focus, foot-eye co-ordination, and makes you feel at one with the ball.

Most people will tell you the most important aspect of the game is a great first touch, juggling will give you thousands of touches allowing you then to take the next step in the game, wether it be a pass, dribble shot or cross. 

SJEB Individual Player Records Spreadsheet
I have put an editable spreadsheet on the website under Juggling Records for all SJEB players to keep their Juggling Record up to date. Click on the link above to view and edit the spreadsheet. Please show your son/daughter how to navigate to this page and update their record: > Players > Juggling. We want to create a competitive and fun environment for the players compete for the team juggling record.

Current Club Juggling Records
U9 Boys Declan Capps - 57
U10 Boys Brandon Hoos - 292
U11 Boys Declan Capps - 1,002 
U12 Boys Mason Bitar - 436
U13 Boys Mason Bitar - 768
U14 Boys Vilbert Fortunes - 1,165
U15 Boys Will Stewart - 1,242
U9 Girls Carly Reighard - 486
U10 Girls Kylie Daigle - 968
U11 Girls Kylie Daigle - 2,665
U12 Girls Kylie Daigle - 6,846
U13 Girls Sarah Bergan - 2,816
U14 Girls Dani Stuart - 2,917

I have put together our Technical Ball Work Routine video for our U7-U12 players to follow in order to build their technical foundation in the most crucial part of their development, called "The Foundation Phase".

The ball skills routine builds muscle memory, rhythm, co-ordination, balance, and confidence on the ball.

These skills are like the foundation of a house, with out these building blocks the rest of the house will be unstable. It's like learning basic multiplication skills in maths, or learning how to type on a keyboard, it requires hours and hours of repetition of the basic skills. Therefore we recommend that ALL our players spend 20-30 minutes per day working on the ball skills routine. Put the electronic devices down and get touches on the ball! 

Trust me the players who get stuck into this and are driven and competitive and work hard at it will reap the benefits, I've seen it first hand. 

SJEB Technical Ball work Routine:
(save this link to your favorites or as a link on home screen of iPad or iPhone)

Part 1 - Cone Line Work
Part 2 - 4 Cone Drill
Part 3 - Hooks & Cuts
Part 4 - 9 Turns
Part 5 - 1v1 Moves (will be added soon)

Anything can be used as the objects to do the routine, but if you want the cones they can be bought on here is the link:

I am constantly banging onto my players about training at home, especially the benefit of spending time with a ball and a wall, it is THE BEST training tool you can use to become a top footballer.

This video is of Diego Forlan who plays for Athletico Madrid and Uruguay, he is a top pro and in his thirties but still spends time work on his touch and passing. 

I spent thousands of hours as a kid alone playing doing this exact thing, and I could strike a football better than all my peers. 

The top players have the drive and focus to train alone and put in the hours to be the best player they can be, that desire cant be implanted into a person, you have to want to do it, have the drive and discipline to do it and ignore other distractions around them to put in the hours necessary to be the best. Myself nor your parents can give you that drive.