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Mentor Program

SJEB Junior Coach Mentor Program

The SJEB Junior Coach Mentor Program is available to any SJEB players interested in coaching in the future. Players can assist with teams 2 years or younger than themselves, for example a 2003 Player can help with 2005 and younger age groups.

The Mentor Program works in two ways, the SJEB Coaches will mentor you, giving you valuable insight into training session structure structure, tactical training, technical training, progress a training session and how to structure training over a season, In turn you will mentor the younger players in our club and teach them what it is to be an elite player.

You will be expected to attend one training session per week of the team that you are assign yourself to on the worksheet below, we allow you to pick your schedule based on your own.

We currently have three players from the SJEB '03 Girls who mentor our U8 & U9 Girls teams and do a fantastic job, they are also great role models for our younger players who want to emulate them. The girls also get extra touches on the ball as they teach the ball mastery and footskills portion of the training sessions.

SJEB will pay for successful applicants to take their coaching badges (USSF 'F' or NSCAA) to help them start their coaching career when you get to U16. SJEB will provide you with an Adidas coaches jersey and the the position is on a voluntary basis.

 Applicants need to be reliable, on time, enthusiastic, a good communicator, confident and have a professional appearance. Any un-excused absences and you will be removed from the program, if you miss more than two training sessions per year you will be removed from the program, a large part of being a leader is being on time and ever present, you cant lead when your not there.

If the interested player has have any questions please contact John Thompson, I will not answer any emails or calls from the parents, it has to be the player who initiates any conversation, they have to want to do this.

To get started follow these simple steps:
1) SJEB Mentor Schedule (Click the schedule link and enter your name in the time slot your available, add your contact details down the bottom of the spreadsheet)
2) Email the coach to let them know who you are, when you will be attending etc.

Mentor Program or (856)-534-8853 (m)