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EDP Adopts USSF Directives

01/23/2016, 3:00pm EST

Changes will be implemented August 1st, 2016

EDP Super Clubs adopting changes Aug 1st, 2016

East Brunswick NJ  - The EDP Super Clubs reached agreement to adopt US Soccer's new Player Development Initiatives at the NSCAA Convention. EDP is pleased to announce a preliminary adoption of birth year registration and selected portions of small-sided play recommendations. 
For the requirements listed below, EDP will adopt effective August 1, 2016. The other provisions will be voluntary until August 1st, 2017. Clubs that will not be adopting the USSF requirements for the Fall 2016 (e.g. field size, goal size, playing times and break times) need to let the league know so that this information can be disseminated to all EDP clubs in advance of the playing season so visiting clubs will know the playing conditions that will be used. EDP's website provides thorough analysis and research to support clubs and their adoption plans. 
Birth Year Adoption: Effective Fall 2016, all age groups will be referred to within EDP by the year of their birth (for example, players born in 1999 will be known as 99's). EDP will offer an age group for each birth year beginning in Fall 2016 for 05's through to 98's. 
Small-Sided Directives: EDP will adopt the fundamental small-sided play requirements (number of players per age group per US Soccer's recommendations) as of Fall 2016. Other requirements as noted above (e.g. field size, goal size, playing times and break times) will be encouraged for 2016 but not fully mandated or revised until Fall 2017 after EDP have been able to provide feedback based on 2016 experiences. 
EDP and its member clubs are committed to working together to best serve our players during this transitional year. In meetings with EDP clubs, we all agreed to commit to effectively manage these changes. The focus on player development really doesn't change and each club will decide its approach within the confines of the above policy. EDP asks that clubs are consistent with their procedures keeping league administrators informed on a regular basis (again as referenced above). Areas of special attention are making sure college-bound age groups are appropriately showcased, 02's receive Fall play and 98's are to be provided a league bracket.
EDP President Steve Shilling commented: "We are excited to be able to come to a consensus with EDP clubs. The consensus is to be early adopters of the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives with caveats in relation to certain aspects. The best interests of players and clubs were taken into account during the discussions held with members and we are excited to lead the way into a new era of US Soccer."
SAC Technical Director John Ellinger said: "SAC is excited to be a part of a group of clubs that are taking the lead on the US Soccer mandates. Throughout the discussion process with EDP, we have, like many other clubs, expressed the concerns of our players, parents, and coaches and we feel that suitable arrangements have been made."
EDP staff members are available to answer questions. Please refer to the contact details below. EDP looks forward to continuing to provide a top caliber development environment for players throughout 2016. 
USSF Concussion Policy
EDP welcomes efforts made by US Soccer to improve the concussion protocol policy, as information becomes available, EDP will update via its website:
EDP Re-Branding 
Board members readily adopted the simplified streamlined logo as well as the updated Vision, Mission, Values and Program Descriptions.  This process will continue to evolve over the coming weeks with more to come following the EDP Retreat, Saturday, February 13th.
The matrixes below detail the EDP adoption plan for the USSF directives.

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