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Goalkeeper Training

SJEB Goalkeeper Academy Training
For our goalkeepers, the main focus will focus on growing their technical & physical base.  Our staff will be growing their interest in the position while holding them to the same high standard that the club holds for its field players.  
Throughout the year, our staff will cover all 4 Pillars (Technical, Tactical, Psychological & Physical) of goalkeeping over the course of training sessions.  Goalkeepers will be encouraged to watch and study professional goalkeepers to learn more about the position and the game.   
Also, the Goalkeeping Staff will be out to home games to view our SJEB Goalkeepers in action.  Trainings will then be tailored to the needs of the goalkeepers and evaluations will be given at the end of the seasons.  
The 2017 Fall SJEB Goalkeeper Training schedule is posted on the calendar below. Check regularly for updates. Calendar is best viewed in AGENDA mode, click tab on the right.
SJEB Goalkeeper Academy Director
U8 - U12 Boys and Girls - Tom Eichhorn:
SJEB Goalkeeper Academy Training Curriculum
Practice sessions will focus on, but not be limited to, the following GK development activities:
Physical: footwork, agility, strength, balance, first step quickness.
Technical: shot stopping/handling, dealing with crossed balls, breakaway saves.
Tactical: distribution, positioning/angle play, defensive set pieces.
Psychological: leadership, decision making, communication.

SJEB Goalkeeper Academy Training Gear
All keepers should wear appropriate training gear to every session:
*Proper Training Kit (Red/Blue/Blue)
*Proper Footwear