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Training Player

SJEB is the largest and most successful travel soccer club in South Jersey, and we offer programs for youth soccer players that are tailored to comply with varying family schedules and commitments. 

For those players who are simply looking to hone their skills and not necessarily participate in a full blown travel soccer program, we offer training-only sessions that do not require a full commitment of a travel team soccer schedule. 

Also, for those players who are seeking to be travel soccer players, but feel that they need a few months to sharpen their skills, the training-only program is an excellent way to improve ball skills.

Over half of our training-only players eventually move on to one of our travel teams within a year.  

We pro-rate the tuition if you join after the program start date.

Please reach out to the head coach of your child's age group to arrange an evaluation. 

2007 Girls - John Thompson
2008 Girls - John Thompson

2009 Girls - John Thompson
2010 Girls - Neil Mullin
2011 Girls - Neil Mullin
2012 Girls - Neil Mullin

2007 Boys - Ian Simmons
2008 Boys - Wayne Grocott

2009 Boys - Wayne Grocott
2010 Boys - Wayne Grocott
2011 Boys - Wayne Grocott

Once you have received an offer to join our club as a training player you pay for the training by creating a Sports Engine account in the top left "Create Account" link on our home page. If you already have a Sport Engine account, then use that account to log in and register.


When you register enter your child's name and age group "2007 Girls" and "training player" in the notes section. Your age group coach will let you know the tuition amount to enter.

Once you’ve registered for the program a coaching director will contact you with more details about the program and the requirements.

The uniform kit for training-only players is very basic and consist of the following and is ordered through, your coach will send details once your accepted into the club. 
White Adidas Training T-shirt
Navy Regista Shorts

Navy Socks

If you have any questions regarding the training-only program, please contact John Thompson - John Thompson