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Staff USCS Carding

Please follow the simple instructions below:

USCS carding for staff is a three step process.  Please follow the instructions below:


1. Create a SafeSport account via this link:

2. You should be prompted to add a membership (U.S. Soccer) via an access code (YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M) as part of your account creation.

3. Finish the registration process, and take the online training, which consists of three modules: 1) Mandatory Reporting: Understanding Your Responsibilities; 2) Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education; and 3) Emotional and Physical Misconduct. Completion will take approximately 90 minutes, but it does not need to be done at once. You may save your progress and continue where you left off at a later time.

4. Once all three modules are completed, you will be able to download a master “SafeSport Trained” certificate from your dashboard. Save this certificate. You will be required to upload it into your next US Club Soccer background screening application beginning with the 2018-19 registration year, as a condition of US Club Soccer staff registration.

Important distinction: While you will receive a certificate after each of the three modules, uploading one of those does not suffice. US Club Soccer requires uploading the master “SafeSport Trained” certificate, indicating that all three modules have been completed.


Complete the online course (takes about 1 hour). Click on this link to complete course:

******When asked for payment, choose “redeem a coupon” & enter the code sjelite2016

Once complete you will get a certificate number. You will need this to complete step two (below).

You will receive an email that says your course was complete. Please forward this email to me.  If you should get other emails from sideline sports doc, I don’t need them.  I ONLY NEED THE ONE THAT SAYS COURSE IS COMPLETE!

Once I receive this email, I will be able to request your card.


Complete the staff background check (takes 5 minutes).

Once you send me the email that your online course was complete, I will send you a one-time use, individual prepaid code. 

Click on this link to complete the background check:

You will receive an email (hopefully within a week), that your background check was “clear.”  Please forward this to me so I can notify USCS.

This is a VERY busy time of year for USCS.  Last year it took up to 3 weeks to get cards (both staff & players) approved.  Please to not delay in doing this.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Please let me know if you have any questions.


Bonnie Nuss